Broken Glass

I´m thrilled by reutilise. Everything. Let´s say I don´t enjoy wasting. So here it is another a short story. Unfortunately last year I´ve been robbed. While I was in a jazz cafe, unluckily somebody broke the window of my car and stole my briefcase. They probably thought it could be a laptop, but they were wrong. It was just my italian notebook. The place where I wrote everything I was learning about italian language at that point. Because I thought, why not, so I did three italian courses before arriving in Milan later on 2015. However, I crossed the city going home. But before I cleaned up the whole mess I pulled out my camera. I took some photos and every picture talks different about the incident.

Processing the original image #01 creating the new frame.

At that point, I had no idea I was working for an important part of what I called My First Portfolio. The portfolio that I used last year -2015- for applying NABA. Logos, websites, photos and images are framed by two types of exhibitors I designed from this experience. Also the portfolio background itself is made entirely by using this improvised but crucial photoshoot. This text, those images, that memory. Not to said this was and is a very special work for me. Completely made believing in resilience.

Original photo of that day #01. Used for the frames.

Frames in use for a Confidential Project.


Background made by the blurry broken window.