Art Fest 2016 Portrait Contest

Since I´m studying in Italy, I’ve been tempted to participate in different contexts and projects. The first contest I answered was a call for photographers.

The idea was around portraits and the prize was an entire scholarship for the upcoming Art Fest 2016 in Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico. Excited about it, I checked my options and I chose to work over a photo I´ve taken almost two years ago. In fact, the original photo was not meant to be a portrait itself, but a memory of this amazing man. So at this moment, I didn´t want to take a new photo but rather reutilise an old one.

It was just amazing to work on a portrait from the opposite side of the street. It was like building a house and start its construction from the roof. I struggled with the balance of lines and shapes, shadows and lights. Sounds easy, but the cropping was one of the main focusing task. A lot of feedback was asked at the development. The entries were closed so I just crossed my fingers. Probably the 50 mm lense that I recently got nowadays have helped a lot. You know, because of the bokeh. Thankful for the process. As we all know, we climb on others shoulders.

Portrait 18 Septiembre