On my way to Milano

The admission process I was preparing for NABA Milano was very challenging. Over here, the results of a hand made, targeted and designed work that took several months into getting done. Far from easy, close to fun. It took me serious time in building this portfolio up. Not just because everything was carefully curated but also because as a completely open process, there’s no right formula. The exposed work is mainly created while I had the privilege of running as a Creative Director for the agency I once owned and worked for some of the last few years, Octolutions -long story-, and then as an independent, picking up different reasons, clients and projects. I also had and took the chance to participate in this Knockout Graphic Design Portfolio workshop streamed by CreativeLive and taught by Ram Castillo. Plus all the portfolios I´ve been lucky enough to see through the last years. Not to say, several research I did. Not surprising, I know.

Anyway, at some point I had to start, actually, designing. It was, again, far from easy but very challenging. This was maybe the cause of the first scholarship I have for studying abroad in Milano. Still, every little experience helps, but effort and hard work close the day as usual. I strongly believe that every cv and / or portfolio should be hand made for every particular purpose. This was not the exception. I literally tailor made this portfolio specifically for my NABA admission. So for the creative seekers out there, I´m leaving this in here plus some of my most recent projects around this web space.