Art of Us: An idea for Philips and Amazon

The last workshop at NABA was all about Amazon and Philips. Two well-known brands that are related mainly because of the Philips presence within Amazon, with the form of a branded landing page, offered and designed as well specifically for diverse brands, typically global ones. The brief was clear, they ask us to produce an easy creative strategy for raising Phillips appeal inside the Amazon space. I took the challenge, but going a little bit further. The aim was to increase visibility, enforce his market presence and relevance and deploy it at the Amazon internal advertising tools and spaces. Taking in consideration the current brand content, language and tone, and then, develop a more general digital ad campaign.

Hot Site www.artofusInstagram IT DONEFan Page DONE

I introduce the Art of Us concept, thought as compliment for the brand and not just another option for the current advertising. Inspired by the relation between heritage, technology, art, performance and design, the sense and simplicity is truly answered with a sense of coolness. Mixed together, an ode to uniqueness. Afterwards, the idea can scale at some very unusual places. Anyway, I´ve been developing a bit of a hot site and some illustrations, besides the interesting content that could be created inspired from artists, community, ideas, contests, styles, present and future, both with a strong engagement. It´s also good to mention that every year you live, you learn. So here I am, learning something. I hope you enjoy the idea.

My first poster, by accident

Art of Us 05

Amazon Landing Philips 03

Landing Shave Amazon

Amazon Landing Groom