Photo Recycling: San Francisco [City Series]


We have all been bad photographers at some point. Even the best ones. The magic of being a beginner. Learn, practice, learn, practice and learn again and more. When it´s all about personally levelling up. Maybe some day we master our disciplines as we wished at the beginning. In an attempt to take recycling a step further, I thought in recycling photography. I decided to do something more with those photos that always end up in the “bad photographies” category. Folders that are hidden forever, somewhere in a hard drive. For now, I introduce Photo Recycling: San Francisco [Cities Series].

It´s important to mention than these photos were taken years ago while I was living in California, around 2011. As predictable, I wasn´t into photography as nowadays. Only tool was a Sony Cyber Shot camera. The process was quiet simple. By curating the most representatives pictures of San Francisco, from those 348 all-bad photographies, I created a combination of what San Francisco means to me. After selecting what I perceived as the soul of this beautiful city, I slightly edited twelve pictures in symmetrical slices. Finally, I did something with it.




Trash Photo Recycled San_Francisco



_Santiago, Chile

_Buenos Aires, Argentina

_Santa Barbara, California, United States

_Park City, Utah, United States

_Milano, Italia

_Roma, Italia

_Istanbul, Turkey

_Madrid, España

_Paris, France

_ Helsinki, Finland