ReSources Milano

ReSources is an installation made out of what we usually refer to trash otherwise stuff we recycle, in the best of the cases. Within this scenario, what exactly is trash? Plastic, cardboard, glass and more will be found at ReSources. After few months living in the south of France so as Nijmegen, the oldest city in The Netherlands, the chilean artist comes back to Milano doing ReSources for its first time and looking forward for the second version this year in Nepal. Something about give back to the places we visit while using ordinary resources. The last day of exhibition, Sunday 22nd, visitors will have the chance to take home a piece of ReSources.

16-22 January 2017
Spazio Ex Fornace,
Naviglio Pavese 16, Milano, Italia.

For group visits or other inquiries we ask you to contact us directly.
More about Luis Alfonso Monje could be found at www.creativeflaneur.com

Special thanks to everyone at Comune di Milano for the sponsorship and support. Also a truly genuine recognition to our beloved friend Theodore LaMotta. Thanks.

When did we forget to reutilise? Recycling is an option that needs something. It needs a platform, system or systems that, are not always present in every place. Therefore whatever thing we call sustainability is broken itself. Reutilisation just needs us. And our own creativity. What’s waste depends on us. Sustainability in sufficient scales could exist just if, countless numerous hands are on.

Although it is, it remains imprecise to define ReSources as a work of art. Closer we would get if complimenting with a creative project. The timeline makes ReSources finds the way while walking it and while using a unique organic rhythm, seeking and taking the next step. ReSources therefore is a dynamic, open and constantly in movement project, finding its richness  also hands on. Said so, the exhibition last January [2017] in Milan was nothing intentional but more like an accidental event for a rootless, public-space oriented idea. The first stage was in Europe. While consciously curating daily basis materials, used while living for one year in Milan, ReSources seeks this sense of a second opportunity to objects that are in fact versatile by definition, but so commonly destined to a limited life framed in just one role. One of the intentions is to invite to rethink, rebuild and recreate what’s already on the surface, literally the starting point of different ideas clustered together. Visitors were literally invited to take, colour and move objects. Paint and ´garbage´ at disposal, inviting to reutilise in the meantime.

ReSources is made out of those ordinary objects usually considered as useless, many times empty and without any kind of value. Garbage, trash and rubbish, said so. So after taking form and then unfold itself in Milano, this time it looks for a different sense of permanence in Kathmandu, Nepal. Main difference, goes from interactive installation to the shapeless sculpture. Changed time and space, the equation is simply not the same, but ReSources knows about adaptability. Keeping its soul motionless and looking to add new, fresh and meaningful value, ReSources Kathmandu will ask for collaboration in particular ways. Street as the main ally, Nepal’s capital is a goldmine for trash inquisitives and imperfection enthusiasts.