Aynimapu means permaculture

Undoubtedly, this has been one of the most important projects I’ve been working lately. For lately, I mean about almost two years [2015-2017]. As a proud part of Aynimapu, we both had been running into many changes, all of them willing to make things better, for a better world, with a little help from all of us. Our main goal was to revamp the brand’s soul. We started talking about vertical farms, but slowly moved out into issues like product design and business design. Relevant questions and answers once we have the opportunity of relaunching an existing brand. Therefore synchronised as one system, we ended up creating a pretty special piece of work, hand-made for Aynimapu. Variated elements, the three of life, furniture, colour palettes and of course plants and vegetables, everything together, nothing excluded.



At the very beginning, I attempted to study, carefully, every single aspect of it’s environment. Typical words once you start getting heavily involved in permaculture, ecology, agriculture and green consciousness, not to say sustainability itself. Doing remarkable ping pong, smashing and cracking ideas up, the research and state-of-the-art stage was absolutely crucial to understand, so create, a unique, fresh and long-lasting brand identity. It’s hard to express how much I enjoyed designing this logo at it’s first stages. Watercolour was the key for analog, while Illustrator was the one for digital. Combined, integrated, both worlds acting for one purpose, resulting the key for brand values like collaboration, diversity and colours. Latin America was involved in the logo, looking for some organic integration with the earth itself. At this point, we were also seeking the right tone of brown and rethinking the three itself. Was it right? Was it wrong?



_dsc2043ayni-cf-up-03We’ve seen many logos going and going in front of us. As we feel sometimes many of them seem to be created by the same designer. That technique that makes a logo look like a logo. That attempt to go straight forward to the most similar cluster is something that I don’t completely understand. In any case, I had to work in simplifying the concepts behind our reasons why. So at some point of our road, the decision was to make a change, sticking to old but also new outlines. Again, the result was born out of a real brush, using a real hand, thought by a real team. From one seed, multiples ideas showed up in my process. I was sure it was just a matter of time and it was.ayni-cf-up-04aynimapu-iso-cf-up-01 aynimapu-iso-cf-up-02




Out of one organic, original seed, I sculpted four leaves. All of them similar, but different. Harmonically spinning together at the same rhythm. Four seasons and four cardinal points for one love. The Earth. With the intention of launching a new Instagram account as the head of your social strategy, the Facebook fan page turned to be as important as usually is. In this case, we linked both channels with a heavy, content-based and visual focus. With appreciated help of original photography, we are releasing original blocks of agriculture, permaculture, sustainability, nature, news, technology, nutrition and more, much more. Modestly, I would like to thank my friend Nicolás Cáceres for many things, but specially for blind-trusting my suggestions and decisions and also for giving me the opportunity of working together in such an incredible project. Looking forward for the greatest.