About education

Is education free? Maybe we constantly talk of studies, instead. Although we´ll never realize the difference in between them if we´re permanently involved within the same educational system. I had the opportunity to live and study in so many different places, starting with my own country, within Santiago, Chile. Looking back at when I was 17, about to do my last year in high school, I’m sure nobody will say its a good idea to change school for only the last year of this part of anybody’s life. It was what I needed, but it was also a privilege to dig the concept of perspective. Perspective is something we lack of when we don’t take step backs, aside or forward, in order to see the same thing, with different eyes. Observation comes and you don’t know if you´re a scientist or a designer. Well, after all, they’re not too far. This is called passion.


I claimed to be lucky because at that age, 12 years ago, I understood that education was part of this limbo and society has the chance to change it and itself. Finally, we’re all climbing in each others shoulders. Family, friends, teachers and neighbors but really everyone. I wasn´t a great student. My thing was fellowship, thus awarded with the prize of my first school’s spirit. At 14, I didn’t have a clue about what success means. After two years of Psychology I decided to move into Public Relations. This time I’ve met Fernando Guardiola, the teacher of Copywriting. It was special not only because he saw a talent on me, but also because he blew that fire, offering me the opportunity to be his assistant teacher for the course. Twice. This is called mission.

At 21, I barely realized how important was for me the combination in between education and the things I was personally and permanently doing. Right after this experience, my Marketing teacher, Gonzalo Vergara, was crucial to take my duty to the classroom up to the next level. I enjoyed going to class, creating challenges and giving freestyle feedback to the students ideas and projects. To be honest, more than any other subject I was studying for. Last time? Kathmandu, Nepal. My subject was Creative Methodologies and I created the course myself. A few schools too, but mostly Olympia World School was my house and the days I’ve spent there are treasured on me. The teachers, the school and the students were my source of inspiration. My students, little geniuses and unboxed minds, are truly the trigger to find myself moving into this direction. I understood, my first class, that becoming a teacher wasn’t optional for me. That’s call vocation.

Today, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to take Creativity to the classroom and one can see it on my daily basis. This year, in January, I was offered by the Autonomous University in Santiago to take the subject of Creative Campaign as the teacher. What a privilege, what a happy moment. A moment that had to wait a little bit, because I was about to process my admission for @AaltoUniversity in Finland. I was accepted and here I am, about to 70 days to start my Master in Creative Sustainability in one of the best faculties, in one of the best universities, in one of the best countries in terms of education and waiting for my brilliant classmates. This is called profession.