Crowdfunding #LearningxFinland

Original Text from the campaign #LearningxFinland published on May 30th 2018, originally created for fundraising my studies for the Master of Arts in Creative Sustainability in Aalto University, in design, held by the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, ranked #09 worldwide by QS Ranking. Out of usd$18,932, more than 28 donators had contributed with around usd$4,573, official amount fundraised only in www.fundmytravel.com.

The last week I was in Santiago, Chile, with more than two weeks ahead in order to fundraise as much as possible, already arrived in Helsinki, Finland, the amount increased substantially thanks to a few events. Mainly, the photography exhibition 17.000km held in Casa Gris, Santiago. At this one week exhibition, completely created with photography from Kathmandu, Nepal, I managed to sell some small photos as well as cotton bags. A few days after, someone has bought a few of the big and most costly photographies. There are still most of them for sale.

This boxed text  down below is what at that moment, beginning the campaign, was written in order to raise attention and engage family, friends, creatives and strangers. As a first experience crowdfunding, I would totally recommend. Any comments, ideas or questions, please just contact me on alfonso@creativeflaneur.com and I will be happy to help. Suscribe / Follow.

This crowdfunding campaign #LearningxFinland has the need to reach more people with my work in the free framework of creativity and sustainability.

I currently have a Master in Creative Advertising and I want to continue studying to contribute to the problems that matter. Long life learner.

The University of Aalto is in #02 of the QS Ranking in young universities, while my future Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture in #09 worldwide. It´s a priivlege, regarding one of the best educational systems in the globe.

It is very important for me to continue growing in order to share, reach and impact more people. This way, what´s going to happen while studying at Aalto University and my days in Helsinki, is that I´ll be sharing on my website www.creativeflaneur.com in the section "LearningxFinland".

Thus, if you collaborate with my studies in Finland, you will also be helping my projects www.Resourcestheproject.com and 5Minutecitycleanup.com.

The ways to contribute are many:
1. Donate.
2. Transfer airline miles (Latam)
3. Share with family and friends.
4. Follow the story on social networks.
5. Suscribe on my YouTube Channel.
6. Like my Facebook Page.

Many news and content to come!

Thank you really for taking a moment and contribuite in any way.

Why Study Sustainability?

The major development challenges of sustainability include climate change, global poverty, social and economic inequality, population growth and demographic changes. The global and local challenges and the complexity of future scenarios increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach as well as education that can address the linkages between the environmental, the economic and the socio-cultural. Higher education and research have thus become essential to the search for sustainable solutions in society.  *