on [off] wisdom.
(Non) Sense Exhibition 08.04 – 18-04

Materials at times are fluctuating between resourcefulness and scarcity, where in future values its perceived that these will have a much more singular, invariable one, weight and significance.

The character of ´on [off] wisdom´ is a simple allegory to the present threshold and to simply withstand nature, moments before deeper, more fruitful connections. As the time passes by, nature starts to feel as a wallpaper, diminishing the essential values, losing the reason why. If ever wonder where do nature come from, there is a latent risk of getting too much into conventional knowledge. 

The dialogue between knowledge and nature has been of some interest since forever.

The books used for ´on [off] wisdom´ the installation were found on a recycling bin for paper, in the last August in Munkkiniemi, city of Helsinki. These books were collected and saved from entering the category of trash, where apparently the value of the object is dissolved, dissipated or totally gone. Instead of letting all the value go away, by being part of this collective exhibition, these books change their value and gain position by only practicing some defamiliarization.

The current exhibition “(Non) Sense” was released just today April 8th and it will remain open to public until the 18th in V1 Gallery, Väre, Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland.

(Non) Sense Collective Exhibition features from 

Eftimia Diera [Hungary]

Katri Einola [Finland]

Yuka Hanawa [China]

Zoé Moineaud [France]

Luis Alfonso Monje [Chile]

Joseph Rottenbacher [USA]

Ling Sun [China]